Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Corbin's Solo No-Jacket Dive

Corbin has always been a fish. He has never been afraid of the water. However, because we spend so much time in the lake, he usually swims with a life jacket on. At Cole's birthday party last Friday, Corbin wanted to jump off the diving boards so badly, but I neglected to bring him the jacket. He isn't a very strong swimmer in the deep end, so the lifeguards said he couldn't jump off by his self unless he proved he could swim in the deep end.

At the end of the night, he finally got up the courage to do it without his dad or me in the water with him. Here is video of his first solo dive.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Pledge!

Ok, so he messed up a little bit on this one, but I have to give him credit because he was being distracted by his desire to plop back down on the sofa in front of Sponge Bob!

Kindergarten Kraziness!

With 1000s of other 5 year olds, Corbin got to go to his first day of Kindergarten on the 2nd of September! He was so excited to see his "frog" out in the hallway. We love his teachers Mrs. Bennett and Mrs. Ganesh! Corbin said that his favorite thing about Kindergarten was playing with friends. His 2 favorite friends so far are Glenn and Justice. He learned the Pledge of Allegiance and can recite it perfectly! In his first week, he learned about the 7 continents (he knows them all and can point to them on a map) and can tell us all sorts of fun facts about the American flag. He learned what "Do unto others what you would have done unto you" means, went to his first Spanish class where he learned how to count to 10 and how to greet someone AND then learned the story of the Billy Goats Gruff. Corbin goes to school all day on Monday & Wednesday and then 1/2 day on Friday. Whew! What a busy week!

Boys Will Be Boys

Corbin LOVES to go hunting with his dad. On Labor Day, Clint & Jay took the boys out to go hunt doves. They shot 9 of them. Corbin is an excellent retriever. He says that he loves to go get the doves. He also loves to get all dressed up in his camo! What a BOY!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

End of the T-Ball Season

Last night was my last t-ball game. My favorite part of t-ball is snacks. I also like to bat. My team name was the Lions and I had 2 coaches named Coach Sean.

Mom's Note: Corbin was bored most of the season, but still wanted to go play each week. When Clint was trying to take his picture, he kept looking at the camera instead of the ball (and subsequently missed the ball twice). As soon as he finally looked at the ball, he hit it into rightfield! Clint was trying to get his picture on the way to the box, but Corbin just gave him a "peace" sign instead of looking at him! What a goof!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

About Me

I am 5 years old. I love superheroes and transformers and ninjas. I love to play with my figurines and watch movies and play PS2 and color and do puzzles. I like to go to my friends' houses, and to pools and lakes. Chuck-E-Cheese is a fun place, but we never get to go there. I also like to pick out new movies at Blockbuster. I like to draw all of the Justice League and Marvel symbols. I would like to move to another place. My favorite song is Tribute. I really don't like cheese.

My favorite food to eat is PB & J. My favorite part of t-ball is snack time after the game. My favorite superheroes are Iron Man and my favorite Transformer is Bumble Bee and my favorite ninja is Michaelangelo the ninja turtle (he's the orange one).

-Dictated by Corbin and transcribed by his mom